"Armenian Consumers Association" has visited the Company "Healthy Mushroom"

Saturday, 09 May, 2015
"Armenian Consumers Association" has visited the Company "Healthy Mushroom"

March 8th, 2015 "Armenian Consumers Association" and "Consumers counseling Center" NGO-s, media and consumers visited the Company "Healthy Mushroom", the Company is much more famous for its brand "White Cap".

Mushroom production is a new developing sphere in our country and we are gladsome to state, that the Company "Healthy Mushroom" is a leading domestic mushroom producer in our country. The company's employees presented, that from its inception day the Company's motto was to produce an environmentally safe, pure, healthful and without any artificial additives product. It aims to develop a qualified mushroom production in Armenia. The substrate for mushroom production is made of ecologically pure components and passing a special technological cycle, which creates an environment for mushroom production. It is significant, that the whole production process is automated, the compost passes a pasteurization phase during which the bacteria are annihilated and itprevents the growing process of the mushroom.

Subsequently,an appropriate humidity and heat conditions create an environment, where mushroom spawn starts to grow. The mushroom is picked by three phases. After 37-38 days from mushroom production the first mushroom is picked and after 5-6 days the second flash, then the rest ones.

The picked mushroom is sorted carefully, then it is stored at high hygienic conditions.

The brand "White Cap" offers the consumers the following products: sliced and whole mushrooms, mushroom for barbecue, appetizing and delicacymushroom, that are appropriate for the preparation of any dish. The Company also produces canned mushroom. Here the whole production process is carried out under the strict hygienic conditions.

We are happy to state, that "Healthy Mushroom" as the largest domestic producer of the mushroom due to its work result makes the consumers to believe, that the mushroom can't be poisonous or dangerous.
The mushroom is widely uses for the preparation of variety dishes. It has high nutritional properties and contains as much proteins, as meat. The champignons contain large quantity of amino acids, that improves memory, reduce the level of cholesterol, prevents atherosclerosis and development number of diseases of heart and brain.
The Company "Healthy Mushroom" is popular among the consumers, itcontinues to develop and expand products, providing the customers only ecologically pure, qualified and reliable product.

TA production, Business subscript, Spokesman

Did you know that...

Mushrooms are rich in essential oils that prevent accumulation of cholesterol in the body.