New streams in Agriculture. Armenian Minister of Agriculture Ignati Arakelyan’s visit to Kotayk region

Monday, 25 September, 2017
New streams in Agriculture. Armenian Minister of Agriculture Ignati Arakelyan’s visit to Kotayk region

Armenian Minister of Agriculture Ignati Arakelyan has visited number of companies in Kotayk region of Armenia today.

Accompanied with region governor Karapet Guloyan the minister has been at “Aroghj Sunk” LLC. They have got acquainted with the mushroom production, packing and storing process. They have also been at mushroom canning plant. He has learnt of the 13 year old working activity of mushroom growing company. It produces fresh champignons, portobello, oyster mushrooms, as well as has its recycled production that is sold all over the world. According to company owner Areg Azoyan fresh mushrooms are exported to EEU and to several countries of Near East. In 2016 the company has produced approximately 1500 tons of mushrooms and has exported 350 tons. This year they expect to grow export rates twice, making it 90 percent in future.

Next company to visit was “Orwaco” CJSC Armenian-Norwegian J/V. This is the only company in the world that based on the used mushroom compost, produces 4 different organic fertilizers. The process of worm composting has been presented to the minister. Company director Lusine Nalbandyan has mentioned that due to the organic fertilizing, we get better harvest, with better taste qualities. And what is the most important, we get completely safe products for use. She has also noted that native farmers have recently increased their interest in organic fertilizers, including the biologically active organic fertilizer Organomix, i.e. ecologically clean mixture of biohumus, peat and compost. Though, there are still farmers that use nitrogen fertilizers.

The minister has also visited Zoravan community to get acquainted with blackberry and raspberry growing company “Armberry” CJSC. Company director Harutyun Pakhchanyan has told about their aim to create an organic raspberry and blackberry growing gardens, to enter the international market. He has also talked about the sales difficulties among the locals due to high prices.

The next place to visit was “Nairian” CJSC, situated in Aragyugh Community. This company produces natural cosmetics, using the plants growing in Armenian Highlands. Now the company has 4 hectares of Damascus rose fields and another 4 hectares for growing other essential oil plants. The owner and scientific director Anahit Markosyan has mentioned that their cosmetics are produced based on their own natural raw materials.

The minister has noted the importance of organic fertilizers usage and production in agriculture. He has also talked of the cycle where one production results in another. Mushrooms give organic fertilizers, the last in their turn are used both in gardening and in growing plants necessary for organic cosmetics. He assumed the government will do all the possible to promote that new stream in agriculture.

Did you know that...

Mushroom is an only spice, which has an acidity taste.