More than a decade, the Company "Healthy Mushroom" by the lack of necessary infrastructure for mushroom production (ready – made raw materials, equipment, technology and professional resource) deals with the production of raw material and with the developing work, gradually improves technologies, consistently educating and training young specialist, whose knowledge is highly estimated by the foreign experts.

Currently, the compost production farm in Byureghavan and mushroom producing farm in Abovyan are totally equipped with the European latest produced technologies and in general the efficiency standards of the company's production costs are competitive with the major Western producers.

In the present time, the Company carries out its activities in five producing farms that are located in the country’s different regions. The Company produces fresh Agaricusbiosporus (Champignon), Oyster mushroom and Portobello, as well cooperates with affiliated Company "JohnNarHov" LLC, by producing and sellingcanned mushrooms.

For the growing of Agaricusbiosporus (Champignon) and Portobello is used ahomogeneous mixture from peat and calcium carbonate, which provides effective cover for the mushroom production.

''Healthy Mushroom'' LLC from 2011 exploiting the peat deposits in the Lori region, Saratovka – Novoselcovo districts.

Currentlyin Abovyan town operates a specialized factory, which uses the produced mushroom of the Company "Healthy Mushroom" for the production of canned mushroom, there You may find more than 20 types of recipes: mushroom marinades, stewed mushroom and ready meals.

In recent years, the leading companies that import canned mushrooms under their own brands make orders to our company.

2011 "Healthy Mushroom" company was founded «Orwaco» Armenian-Norwegian joint venture, the Company tests its products in different planttesting institutions and yield growth is 15%-70%, which depends on the crops and agricultural policy rulesinspecific dispensation.

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This year thefertilizer order for the new greeneries reaches more than 1,500 tons.

Did you know that...

Fungal proteins are digested more easily than animal's origin.