Mushroom Diet from “Aroghj Sunk”

Monday, 25 September, 2017
Mushroom Diet from “Aroghj Sunk”

Company plans to increase their production and export by attracting investors

Aroghj Sunk Sales Manager Artemi Mejinyan’s interview to Golos Armenii

To the reporter’s question of having no news from Aroghj Sunk for a long time, Artem answered: “We ensure sustainable growth of business!”

The primary aim of Aroghj Sunk is the export. It is the main factor for the company development. Our company really succeeds in the export mainly due to the production cycle we practice. All the components of mushroom growing Aroghj Sunk produces itself. First is compost, made of chicken manure, peat and straw. Formerly straw was burnt by the farmers, resulting in pollution of the environment. Now we buy it from them, lessening the ecological damage. Chicken manure is bought from poultry farms directly. Thus, we have lower cost prices. So having the self-produced compost and growing rooms with special microclimate, we grow the main part of our production, the champignons. Champignons make the 90% of all our production, but we also grow portobello and oyster mushrooms.

Then, Aroghj Sunk together with “Orwaco” Armenian-Norwegian J/V CJSC recycles the used mushroom compost for the purposes of producing organic fertilizers. The recycling is done with the help of Californian worms. The use of the fertilizers of the kind will increase the harvest from 15 to 70%. The farmers can no longer use other nitrogen fertilizers.

Aroghj Sunk has a number of mushroom growing plants in Abovyan, Hrazdan, Armavir, Tashir, as well as a compost yard in Byureghavan. The introduction of new technologies will shorten the growing period for nearly 2 times, 35 days instead of the 60.

One of our main achievements is the Global Gap certification. Thus, we can control the production just from the beginning to the end. For the most of the consumers all over the world meeting to Global Gap standards is the most important part.

Fresh mushroom production volumes equal to 1,6 thousand tons a year. And 0,7 thousand tons are exported to Russia and UAE. Russian market is really a huge one. So, we seek for cooperation with the largest supermarket chains of Russia. The only thing to have the desired success is to ensure the needed output of mushrooms. Now we are just working on it and are negotiating with some largest investors.

It should be noted, since its foundation Aroghj Sunk had only 50 tons of production. Now the situation has completely changed. If from very beginning champignons were not so popular in Armenia, now their consumption has increased. Aroghj Sunk mushrooms are exclusively healthy, enriched with proteins, vitamins and microelements.

And this mushroom diet is really gaining popularity among Armenians.

Did you know that...

Mushrooms are rich in essential oils that prevent accumulation of cholesterol in the body.