World's most expensive mushrooms

Saturday, 16 May, 2015
World's most expensive mushrooms

The most expensive mushroom in the world is famous as "white truffle". The exact price will not call anybody, because each mushroom goes to auction at cost price.

For example, 850-gram giant went for 28,000 pounds in 2004. The Buyer hoped that he could propagate it by putting in the ground, but hisattempt was failed, after hereturned the mushroom remains to the homeland of it Toscana.

750 grams mushroom for 209,000 dollars was purchased in 2007. However, unlike the first case, this instance is not anything terrible happened: it safely cooked and ate at the exclusive truffle banquet.

Did you know that...

Daily use of 100-150 g oyster mushroom significantly reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.