Mushroom producing company offers an exclusive cultivation method to the border districts

Friday, 12 December, 2014
Mushroom producing company offers an exclusive cultivation method to the border districts

The biggest mushroom producing company in Armenia "Healthy Mushroom" is going to present a proposal to the Government to foster the mushroom production in the border regions. The essence of the proposal is that the company expresses readiness to provide the rural household with the raw materials and teach them the mushroom cultivation technologies. The Director of the Company SurenDavtyan told Armenpress that the program intends solving two problems; foster the mushroom production in Armenia and expend the market.

"The program aims at developing the mushroom production sector in the regions of Armenia, especially the border villages. We intend providing the small rural and family economics with raw materials at cost price and teach them how to cultivate the mushrooms". We want that in the border regions people would be able to carry out this activity, thus fostering the inflow to those regions and improve there the living standards. With the assistance of the Government we hope to organize that process", - said Davtyan.

To the mushroom production follows therealization question, which got its solution in the developed plan of "Healthy Mushroom". "When the raw material is provided and the farmers are growing mushroom, we are ready to organize its realization. Over the time when this branch would be developed in the agriculture and farmers would have incomes, they would be able to amend the cost of raw material, however I should mention, that this Program is nonprofit ", - assures the director of the company.

Due to the directors' words, if we compare mushroom consumption sizes with the other countries, in this case the market is not saturated yet. ''In the Armenian regions people are not accustomed to use mushroom in their menu. When this process starts, it will expand the market, - noticed he. Businessman hopes, that after 1-2 years the company by its activity would have its own role in agriculture and would promote the development of it.

"This is an essential principal approach and its implementation depends on the following: which is the best way to organize this process", - added he.

"Healthy Mushroom" Company about 10 years carries out its activity in Armenia. Currently the Company produces either compost for mushroom cultivation or fresh mushroom, some of it is exported to other countries.


Did you know that...

Mushrooms are rich in essential oils that prevent accumulation of cholesterol in the body.